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HighPoint Design Build Group

At HighPoint Design Build Group we specialize in custom homes and home transformations. We have over 30 years of combined experience building homes and working on renovation and remodeling projects in the Lake Country area along with the surrounding counties in Southeastern, WI. Our small team is comprised of artisans and hardworking locals who have the experience to build your dream home. HighPoint specializes in taking your designs from the initial stages to the final details. You’re building or transforming your home, and that’s a big deal. It’s our responsibility to understand what you want and how you feel about the process so that we can provide the outcome you hope for and a process you can enjoy.

In other words, you can depend on us.

You are building or transforming your home, and that’s a big deal. It’s our responsibility to understand what you want and how you feel about the process, so that we can provide the outcome you hope for and a process you can enjoy (as much as one can enjoy the disruption of home transformation (as much as one can enjoy the disruption of home transformation).

An Inspired Home

You deserve a home that is truly you.

As your design-build team, everything we do, the people we select to work on your home, the decisions we make together, the puzzles we solve, it’s all done with one goal in mind: To create the inspired home you desire.

How We Get There

The process we use to get there is designed to make sure we’re on the right track and the same page from start to finish. If you’ve ever built a new home or transformed an existing one, you know that it’s not easy to do. It requires a lot of coordination, communication, and patience. It’s never a perfect process, but we care enough to try.

Together we can create a very special space where you can enjoy alone time or bring people together. It’s your home, and we’d be honored to help you make it.

Custom Home

When you imagine what it’ll be like to enjoy your new home, what do you see? Are you alone in a comfortable reading nook overlooking a beautiful view? Or are you hosting a group of friends, cooking a meal in the first kitchen you’ve ever had that’s perfectly designed for you?

Whatever you see, we’re excited to see it – and create it – with and for you. We will walk with you from step one to completion, coordinating all the details to ensure your home is built right.

On a lake.
In a neighborhood.
By a river.
In the trees.
On a hill.
In a valley.
Wherever you want to call home.

Home Transformation

Are you trying to solve a problem with a remodel? To create more space with an addition? To finish or enhance a lower level? We are able to help you maximize the space you already have, and to add on to it when necessary. It’s a special talent to transform a home in ways that feel in harmony with what was already there. We can do that. And if you’re looking to totally reinvent the house that exists now, we can do that, too.

Let’s look at your home together and come up with the best plan for you and your family.

Our Process:

1Vision: We start by defining a vision for functionality and style, together. We want to understand why you’re looking to build or transform your home, and then we guide you through the process of making decisions for the way it will work and what it’ll look like.

2Expectations: Then we construct a timeline and an expectations summary. The timeline is important because it allows us to plan for how long the process ought to take and to identify important milestones. To stay on that timeline, we can control some things. Other things we cannot. That’s why we have an expectations summary. We want you to know what to expect, what we can control, what we can’t, and what we can all do to ensure we get to the finish line in the most efficient way possible with a great home and relationship in the end.

3Detailed Plan: We create a roadmap for the entire project. At this point we choose materials, we select our team, and we make sure everyone who is involved knows what they need to do.

4Construction: The works starts. As your builder, we shoulder the tensions of challenging supply chain issues and other challenges by planning thoroughly and advocating relentlessly for you. The construction process can be unpredictable.

The Secret Power of an Expectations Summary

The reason we created the expectations summary is to clearly define our process and the factors that can impact that process. There are some things we can control as the designer and builder of your home, and there are other things we cannot control. It’s important to know what those things are before we begin.

Transparency and communication will help us all to enjoy the process more. Building or transforming a home is inevitably challenging. There are surprises. We’ve just learned that those surprises are managed more effectively when we’ve prepared for them ahead of time.

Our desire is to keep momentum the best we can, and we will do whatever we can to make that happen. When things happen outside of our control, we’ll make sure you understand what’s happening and what we’re going to do about it.

We promise to care as much as you do.


Owner, Matt Hall is a current veteran and Chief Warrant Officer in the United States Army Reserve. For the past 25 years, he has built projects in the civilian sector, as well as overseas for the Department of Defense in five countries and on three continents. His successful military career has included deployments to Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, and Kuwait. Matt has served in Special Operations units and now is an Engineering Warrant Officer as a CW3.

Matt always knew he wanted to continue the tradition of helping defend the country and his values. His children have followed in his footsteps. Matt’s son Jake, attended Virginia Military Institute, completed a 4-year Army ROTC Scholarship, and is now an officer in the United States Army. His daughter Kate is currently a cadet at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs. Matt and HighPoint Design Build Group pride themselves on loyalty, dedication, and integrity in everything they do. Matt is proud of his accomplishments both in and out of the military, but undoubtable more thankful to those who have sacrificed so much more than him so that all of us can have so much right now.